American Made | Supplying Coffee Roasters Since WWI

Learn more about why Black Rifle Coffee Company is America’s Coffee:

Jabez Burns has been supplying the US military with coffee roasters since WWI. When it came time for Black Rifle Coffee to expand to the east coast we teamed up with Jabez Burns to supply the coffee roaster for our new roasting facility in Manchester, TN.

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10 Replies to “American Made | Supplying Coffee Roasters Since WWI”

  1. I do wish i lived closer to you all….would love to have the honor to work for you.

  2. Having the company that made the roasters for troops since WWI just makes sense. This is an awesome story

  3. Absolutely a great group of people doing amazing things.

    I am neither a veteran, nor US citizen, not even living in the States, but I am truly a fan of them as people and as a company.
    They all have my upmost respect.
    Sunny greetings from Thailand 🙂

  4. This is a real commercial. It reminds the good old days of DiscoveryChannel. I dont like modern day TeleVision media anymore. Only youtube is sometimes fun.
    I love good coffee. The smell of fresh beans or when you open a package chears me up. Take a good snif at it.

  5. I’m a machinist and I build front and back heads for these roasters. It feels good seeing them in action!

  6. When I was a kid companies would proudly advertise when their product was made in America on TV. Now we have some idiot named mr. Wonderful on Shark Tank telling people it's stupid to invest in a company that doesn't Outsource to China. you vote with your dollars and has a consumer I would gladly pay more money for something made in America!

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