Amy's Drive Thru: New Vegetarian Fast Food Restaurant!

Visit Amy’s Drive Thru in Rohnert Park, California.
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Michelle Cehn and Toni Okamoto bring you inside the new all-vegetarian fast food restaurant Amy’s Drive Thru! Opened by the founders of Amy’s Kitchen in July 2015 in Northern California, this eatery is not only healthier than traditional fast food, but much more sustainable, kinder, and even more delicious (trust us)! Plus, everything on the menu can be made vegan.


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Toni Okamoto works with and dedicates her life to bringing awareness to farmed animal issues, along with lack of food accessibility and nutrition education in low-income and communities of color. She is the Founder of Plant Based on a Budget, one of the fastest growing vegan food blogs, which you can check out here:


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21 Replies to “Amy's Drive Thru: New Vegetarian Fast Food Restaurant!”

  1. Looks good, I love Amy's products but find them rather expensive compared to just cooking food myself. Still, I love their chili and soups as well as a couple of their frozen meals but sodium is an issue for me so I try to only indulge myself on such items once or twice a week at the maximum.

    Have been vegan for a bit over 14 years now (and vegetarian for 4 years prior to that as a teenager) and am 33 years old so I pretty much have the cooking down pat haha!


  2. $3.50 for full vegan chili cheese fries? Thais even competitive with wienershnitzel's animal original one, I'd go to this, its finally drive through value menu prices not like the usual $8 for a single vegan sandwich from a mostly empty fast casual sitdown place I'd usually see formal menu prices for yet have to walk away from, or get just a side dish a la carte

  3. I lived 15 minutes away and went like every week for 5 years and I had no idea that was the only one, damn

  4. Can't wait for the Corte Madera location to open!!! Also, cross your fingers, ya'll… I interviewed for a receptionist position with Amy's today!

  5. They should open one in Sumter, SC. open Three. It would definitely help people here just to try something vegan with fast service like other fast-food chains.

  6. They should Open one in Columbia, SC. open five. It would definitely help people here just to try something vegan with fast service like other fast food chains.

  7. Luv the idea, however pizza and choc shakes r not healthy…now jus because one replaces meat does not make it healthier. What bout GF?? Take it up few notches then u hav healthy…

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