An Interview with Giuseppe Santoni of Santoni Footwear | Forbes

Forbes Style Director Joseph DeAcetis interviews Guiseppe Santoni, CEO of Italian Luxury and Eco Friendly Footwear brand Santoni.

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15 Replies to “An Interview with Giuseppe Santoni of Santoni Footwear | Forbes”

  1. Fantastic shoes. Superior hand made quality with attention to detail. Loving my loafers by Santoni. Little expensive however quality exceeds the price. One of the best for quality, comfort and elegant looks. Italian craftsmanship at its best.

  2. Great shoes. Low key profile ones as well. Not many people know about santoni. But I rate them better than ferragamo shoes as they are more comfortable and don’t have any eye catching logos

  3. I just falling love with this guys, Wit their levels and as a design too!!! nice job bro.

  4. Just got my first pair of Toft Driving shoes. Very, very good quality. More expensive than I would like, but that's just part of the territory I suppose.

  5. nice designs but not for common man. you need designer pants and shirt to go along with these shoes.

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