20 Replies to “ANC On The Money: Cost of Living: House vs Condo”

  1. Renting is still a better investment…If you own, you sink cash in and still pay interest, if you rent you pay monthly and can invest your money and EARN money, especially in a BDO or China bank, UITF

  2. Condos value doesn't go up even after 10 years. The property isn't yours, just the unit. buy a townhouse instead. everything is yours and the value goes up.

  3. Condo is a never a good start up investment for newbie investors for the following reasons, it requires a high capital (it will cripple your budget if you fail to factor it into your expenses), it is difficult to liquidate (real estate properties are difficult to sell) and return of investment will take forever. Majority of OFWs are being lured into getting one because the salesperson say it is a "good" investment when frankly speaking, it is not.

  4. from an investment standpoint, the condo is the best choice in the urban setting. but personally, i'd choose a townhouse anytime because that's still something you can get for 4-6M. Mel sounds good, especially if i close my eyes 😀

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