Approach Anxiety Magic #8 (ft. StuartEdge)

“How do I approach people to show them magic?” I tell them, “It doesn’t matter what you say, as long as you say something.”
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28 Replies to “Approach Anxiety Magic #8 (ft. StuartEdge)”

  1. Throw a card at someone "hitting them in the back and Say U Wanta Swee a Mogic Track! If they say why just say a Cuz I wanna U toooo!

  2. Omg the last one i was laughing my ass off before going to sleep and my mom got mad i was no my phone but damn

  3. Go like a russian mafia in a russian accent "Pick a card or I"ll have to kill someone"

  4. Do you like pokemon? Well heres the next best thing pick a card


  5. Just go up to someone and scream "PICK A CARD!!!!" as loud as you can

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