Approach Anxiety Magic #9 (ft. Black Prez)

“How do I approach people to show them magic?” I tell them, “It doesn’t matter what you say, as long as you say something.”
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13 Replies to “Approach Anxiety Magic #9 (ft. Black Prez)”

  1. just go up to someone and say " my deck is really card… you should touch it"

  2. I'm a pretty late arrival to this video series, I love it. but Jarek, I wanna ask a couple things. How did you get over the anxiety of the first performance? Also, when you perform, do you put on a different persona, or are you just yourself?

  3. there is a kid named Kenny at my school and he has stolen cards from me so technically Kenny has done it

  4. Walk up to one of those people holding Cristian signs and say " Wanna see the stuff Satan gave me?" Then offer them a card

  5. Lol I LOVE how y'all just kept saying "Kenny woulda done it" that was hilarious haha

  6. You should attempt to sneak the phrase "picka card" into a conversation as many times as you can (may want to say it fast and or with an accent). Then once you reach the end of the block have the other person present them with cards without saying anything and see if they instinctively pick a card.

    I think this would be interesting unless well… the series died then well, you know.

  7. Go up to a black peron and say "Yo wassup pick a card before I tell yo mom. If they say no ask if its because you white

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