Approach Anxiety Magic (BEST OF #1)

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16 Replies to “Approach Anxiety Magic (BEST OF #1)”

  1. Go towards a girl say loudly n exicitingly hey u look like dynamo's sister. And would u also see my magic pick a card

  2. (scream) the illuminatti is going to declare martial law in half a minute unless we all wake up!………… pick a card

  3. Walk up to a girl pretending your smoking marijuana and then say "It's always 1:20 somewhere, so pick a card."

  4. creep up to someone and scream, 'HEY!, sorry I didn't mean to scare you like that please pick a card'.

  5. go up to a beautiful girl, scream towards a crowd "may i have your attention please" and then to the cute girl say "I've known you for so long. I just wanted to say, pick a card." if she picks one, look to the crowd and say, "SHE DID IT! SHE PICKED A CARD!" if she doesn't pick a card, walk away fake crying.

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