Avril Lavigne Losing Grip Tutorial – Make Up and Clothes (Requested)


This is an Avril Lavigne style tutorial, taken from her video for ‘Losing Grip’! I’ll show you how to do the make up from the video and get the look with the clothes she wore.

Requested by emms999

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Urban Decay Primer Potion
Benefit BadGal Lash Mascara in Black
Benefit BadGal Eyeliner in Black
L’Oreal Trio Eyeshadow in Grey Obsession


Army Print Tee – search on eBay, or an Army and Navy store
Skull and Crossbones Belt – I got mine on eBay, search for ‘Skull Belt Buckle’
Black Jeans/Trousers/Pants – Mine were from New Look in the UK, maybe try Hot Topic for the USA

29 Replies to “Avril Lavigne Losing Grip Tutorial – Make Up and Clothes (Requested)”

  1. How u made the eyes?looks cool.. i done it before, but it looks like someone had punch me in the eyes.. =(

  2. @LynnaeGarrett I had it done at a salon ๐Ÿ™‚ and I just take really good care of it! x

  3. i love your hair its so long and pretty i luv Avril Lavigne and you do look like her (:

  4. @Silveryback hehe :p not as much as I used to, but when Avril was more in the limelight it was every day xx

  5. Oh my goodness, and I thought I was told I look like Avril all the time… You look EXACTLY like her!!! How often do you get told you look like her?

  6. @noonzie122002 I've done the make up, the hair is similar to the Goodbye Lullaby hair I showed and the clothes would be impossible unless you had the dress :p x

  7. can you make another video of how to look like Avril from Alice the music clip her make up and cloth and hair full look

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