15 Replies to “basic crochet slipknot”

  1. This was the only video that could help me get a slip knot. Thank you so much! ❤️❤️❤️

  2. This was the best video I've seen on how to make a slipknot. I was able to make it first time watching and following along even being a lefthanded person. (Note to the instructor (this is meant only as constructive criticism), you might want to include, at least acknowledge, lefthanded people in your instructions.)

  3. I know this was posted quite some time ago, but this is by far the BEST,EASIEST video for tying a slip knot. I have not been capable of following other lengthy, complicated vi deos. After my fisherman Dad passed away in 95, I just could not understand others methods. So I just tied a knot LOL.😜 of some sort. Thank you, thank you.

  4. I'm so glad you made this video! I feel a bit silly at not understanding some of the instructions I've read, but this visual is perfect!

  5. My instructions said if the starting tail tightened the knot, try again. I understand now, *b/c of your video*, that getting the loop closer to the needle is NOT the same as tightening the knot. Thank you! I would have kept destroying perfectly good slipknots for ages.

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