Basic Guard Breaks: with Octavio Couto Jr

Breaking the guard is a problem many jiu jitsu students have, especially at the start. Here, Octavio Couto Jr (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt (3rd degree) under Romero “Jacare” Cavalcanti Founder of Team Alliance) show the foundation behind one type of break.

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24 Replies to “Basic Guard Breaks: with Octavio Couto Jr”

  1. Octovio was my teacher for 3 years, was at my wedding, and is still a dear friend. He is the best instructor I have ever had.

  2. could he not just shoot for a triangle ,you are basically giving him on arm and putting the other down low enough for him to get his leg up and around

  3. I don't see how people are saying this is non-applicable to no gi. We do a pass like this ALL the time at my gym. Minus the standing up, and backing out. We have one variation for gi, and one for no gi.

  4. @ALEdoublebackflip hahahahahaha are you Crazy or something?
    jiu jitsu is an art of feeling he talks too mentally lazy students leaving their

  5. @TheSenseofTouch may be effective yes but I am sure you are wise enough to know that not everything out there is 'street fighting'. Obviously, many of the techniques shown on our channel are sport related or can be used against people who are versed in jiu jitsu also.

  6. @JiuClaw22 Rolling with Eddie, Keith or Octavio are ALL different and each one can kill you in their own unique way. Keith is a BIG man so he can crush you but his technique is SUPER technical (he is a Pedro Sauer BB after all). Keith moves like a guy 160 lbs (he is 250). Eddie is super tight and clings to you. His transitions are VERY fast. Octavio moves like a hot knife through butter. All masters, all great!

  7. lol After several viewings, I can now understand what he's saying! Guess I got used to his accent. BTW, this guard break is awesome, works almost every time!

  8. Technique looks legit, I just wish I could understand what the hell he was saying. 🙁

  9. Out of any BJJ Professor that I've ever worked with, Octavio is in a league of his own. I know there are alot of truly great teachers and practitioners out there but from out of whom I've had the good fortune to train with, non compare to this man…If any of you have the chance to learn from him, then I suggest you do…

  10. Some times I have a very hard time understanding what he's saying. I just think I'm not used to the accent

  11. This is my go-to guard pass ever since it was taught to me. To answer jzpowahz it works well, just instead of grabbing lapels put a fist or hand on the stomach and goose-neck the other arm along the groin and hip to control the hips.

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