AD | Beat the Chef is BACK. And this time Baz is taking on Chef Ebbers in a Mystery Box Challenge that celebrates the humble rice grain.

To swot up on their rice knowledge, we sent them both to learn from a rice farmer and rice breeder in Italy. BASF’s agriculture experts helped to explain just how much work grows into creating the grain we so often take for granted! So, whose dish will best celebrate everything they learnt in the paddy fields? Who will take the win on this occasion…?

Want even more? You can catch us Behind the Scenes with the experts here:
Get Ben’s recipe here:
Get Barry’s recipe here:

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19 Replies to “BEAT THE CHEF: MYSTERY BOX CHALLENGE | Vol. 12 | Sorted Food”

  1. This is the second video that I've seen today about rice in Italy. A variety of rices are grown in Italy with all kinds of recipes from North to South. Barry was robbed. While I would eat the risotto with or without the frog, I would have prefered it without. But I really didn't see any real creativity. Barry showed more creativity. I honestly would have liked his better because of that. & no doubt the taste.

  2. Wow, great effort by all you should both be very proud to pull off 2 stunners great ideas sorted team and truly a joy to watch

  3. Me looking at the drawing of Ben’s dish: why do those look like legs?
    Me ten min later: ohhhhhhhhhhhh 🐸🐸🐸

  4. Would have been great to hear more about how Barry's tasted and the texture. "I've never had anything like this before!" so you can assume neither have we 😀 tell us about it.

  5. The rice cake is very interesting and something I will be trying to recreate. Sometimes, I find these contest can't have a winner because both dishes are so unique and celebrate the food item.

  6. Very interesting look into a very interesting crop! I really hope they are all managing through the current drought in Northern Italy.

  7. I would pick Barry's dish. Ben's did not look good to me. I would still try Ben's dish.

  8. I agree with the result, but I would still have wanted to try Baz's plate. Between the two of them that would have been a great meal.

  9. Ben: That is the most gorgeous plated food I have seen on here. That is so bloody amazing looking. I bet it tastes great too, but WOW.

  10. Is Jamie red-green color blind (red-green color ambiguity) or is he completely unable to sense certain colors? I assumed that it was the former, but now… I'm not so sure.

  11. I have never wanted to try something more than the frog legs Ebbers cooked. I've had frog legs before but only fried. I love frog legs and the least pleasant part of the fried frog legs, in my opinion, is the fried part.

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