Beat The Chef Time Battle (Chef 15 Mins vs Normal 30 Mins)

It’s time to challenge Barry in a Beat the Chef against our Chef Ben! Who will come out on top?! Watch to find out!

Can Mike Beat the Chef?
Did Jamie Beat the Chef?

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18 Replies to “Beat The Chef Time Battle (Chef 15 Mins vs Normal 30 Mins)”

  1. When they say aqua father I always think of aquatofana, Courtesy bailey Sarian???

  2. I've learned a lot from these guys at Sorted. Some videos of late have featured heating nonstick pans empty. That is how you make them off gas, kill the coating and possibly a pet bird. If you're going to heat a pan dry, please use carbon steel or cast iron!

  3. Hell yeah. Really adventurous flavours in this one – picked up so many tips

  4. I’m not sure if you guys are still doing the badges but for a final exam you should take the normals to a real kitchen(restaurant) and put them through the paces. Let the chef decide on who if any can call them ached. Maybe James’ restaurant wink wink

  5. 2:53 to 3:05 His diet is mostly Vegi and possibly Vegan? Did we see in the last 'From the Chef's Fridge' that he keeps Venison in his freezer? That's cold Ben. That's cold…. (Sarcastic joke intended).

  6. i wonder Mike is profession in using CHOPSTICKS rather than ……other ……..anyway

  7. I'm not a Vegin but boy both of those dishes look amazingly delicious; I would totally eat them.

  8. I have many friends they like the aroma diffused from spicy herb. What I think is chewing gum is a snack really suitable for people who like savory which is not swallowable, hahahaaha

  9. I think in supermarkets labels “vegan” is important to arouse the mindset of irritating substances of food you will eat. Even it is not flesh.

  10. OK, I watched this 3 times! I am cooking these "beans on toast" for breakfast tomorrow.. thank you chef ??

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