Beauty Haul! Ulta, Target, Kiehl's ♥ MakeupMAYhem Day 15 ♥

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MakeupMAYhem Day 14:
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26 Replies to “Beauty Haul! Ulta, Target, Kiehl's ♥ MakeupMAYhem Day 15 ♥”

  1. I love the variety of products you get and how you're always trying new things. It's very helpful for your viewers. I'm definitely taking notes!

  2. Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado is recommended to ppl aging at least 25+,it's kind of too oily for younger ppl,and it will makes something grow under your eyes if your skin is not that super dry and you're not that old.

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  4. I love your video 😉 I wish you would use the about a little more and leave more information on the items you got 😉

  5. I use that natural soap to get rid of the excess deodorant from under my arms… and now I can't feel clean without it!

  6. I love those soaps! My favorite is the minty one! It brings back so many memories because my grandma would always have it

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