Beauty tips: unsung hero products

There are some classic beauty products have been around for so long that people have forgotten about them. Sali Hughes pays homage to the best

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11 Replies to “Beauty tips: unsung hero products”

  1. My stalwarts are :
    Moisture Surge by Clinique.
    Non-scented Mitchum deodrant.
    Molton Brown Bath and Shower gels.
    Olay moisturiser.

  2. I cant understand the names of the products you're pronouncing.And you can't see the products so basically we can only hear you talk about how great some products are but no idea what products you're talking about.

  3. I love watching your videos and you are such a lovely woman. You talk about so many products and I must ask your hands sound extremely dry. Its not just this video but several others when you rub your hands together its like sandpaper. I have dry skin also. Have you not found a moisturizing hand cream? I have several that I adore H2o and First Aid cream both are excellent.

  4. Nuxe hair and face oil I can never do without, On the hair it gives incredible shine and used on the face at night makes you skin so soft and smooth like youve used an expensive serum,

  5. I'm allergic to the night repair ! I wish I wasn't 😳😑 it makes my eyes water and I sneeze sneeze sneeze 😿

  6. dude u need to list this stuff in the description box for my lazy ass!! love these kinds of videos

  7. Until Estée Lauder uses more appropriate models (over 35) to promote anti-aging skincare, I will NOT buy any of their products. #EsteeLauder #NoCommonSense. We make three times as much as 20-year-olds. Kendall Jenner is not an appropriate promoter of products geared towards mature women. Don't insult our intelligence.

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