Beauty Trick of the Month

An easy, cheap beauty trick that will keep you from needing Band-Aids (normally hello kitty or princess ones for me, because Hannah insists on this)

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  1. vaseline also helps ur lashes become thicker. jus a quick tip : if u put like a qtip in the vaseline and put it on ur lashes at night it conditions them and helps them to become fuller and also helps prevent them from falling out as much.

  2. Hey,Can you please do more beuty tricks eCh month cus i really like them and i love this trick ! It workss for me alot & i hatee blisters.. Thank you ellle .. Love your Videozz

  3. would this work with wedges that are made of like that cloth material?? i love my shoes but they hurt sooo bad

  4. ive gotten plenty of blisters wearin, well actually my tap shoes wit tights so i guess maybe u shud apply it? idk if it wud work tho

  5. yeah i put it on my lips leave it for 10 minutes then take a washcloth and wet it with watrm water thn wipe it off

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