Beginning Our Most EPIC Project YET!

Hey Gang, super excited to start our new project today! We’re in The Shop. A huge paint store converted into the most epic mancave. You can do pretty much everything in the shop EXCEPT clean up after a long day of wrenching. So before we head to Texas, we thought we’d tackle this thing. So many new aspects on this job as it’s in a commercial building, and we can’t wait to see his reaction when it’s all finished!


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  1. I don't understand why watching a demolition job should be satisfying. I think it's more to do with watching you go about your work with a smile and a positive attitude. If only I could see this in my line of work where people are highly paid, yet weighed down with insecurities, jealous of their coworkers and miserable AF because they are always looking up to Gates, Bezos and Musk.

  2. 🤣🤣🤣
    Dropping that tank lmao
    Nice you left it in the video, we are all not perfect, and it's funny how life throws lessons, this time the water line wasn't broken…

  3. Nice videos, now and again. I really hope y'all are salvaging the stud/joist lumber, not dumping in landfill.

  4. Video should be called: How to demo a restroom quick. Can't wait to see the new bathroom. Should be AWSOME

  5. Great video as usual. IMO, there's a lot of salvageable material there if you're willing to do the work to clean it up.

  6. Just realized I'm 2 years older than you. Now I really field old 😬🇦🇺

  7. So glad to see a new vid. You guys ROCK !!! I am a handyman but I am always trying to learn new or more streamlined methods.

  8. Great to watch you guys so when do we get to see Jordan doing all the sweating and dad behind the camera. LOL

  9. Dad,
    It's never ,never safe to cut plumbing with power.Cordless could save your life.There is also a plug in GFI to plug the tool cord to.

  10. @7:15: Ha! That's exactly what I'd do… only I'd have sheared it off and it would've sprayed onto the main panel. 🙂

  11. You guys are great! I’m so glad I found your channel. I am looking forward to following your progress on this bathroom.

  12. Im not a contractor and I know you guys are professionals but I still cringe at the thought of one of those heavy top plates full of nails swinging down and giving your head a couple new drain holes during demo. I feel like if there's a time to wear a hard hat even just for those few cuts it would be then! Still love the videos keep up the awesome work!

  13. Why do you prefer gas over electric?
    I wouldnt even spend the money on digging a new line at the house. Cooking with gas is extremely toxic and it would be way better for the environment to heat with energy from solar panels.

  14. magnet is your best friend removing drywall neatly. put it on a string find your screw/nail whizz-bang

  15. @uline should supply you guys with that water fountain with water bottle fillet

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