Best Country Homes l Top 3

For today’s special episode of Homeworthy, we’re embracing the simple life of country living with three of our favorite bucolic escapes. From chicken coops to conservatories, we just can’t get enough of the character, coziness and decades of history that is absolutely brimming in these country homes. Enjoy!

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24 Replies to “Best Country Homes l Top 3”

  1. I'm ready to buy the last house, this wonderful hostess has truly created a paradise????????


  3. Love the randon trip videos????❤. Nice and long 2. Ty guys. Mmmm sweet tayder fries????❤ my fav

  4. So beautiful. I love Ms William's Grecian pool house! Thank you for the video!

  5. Lol k. I can't figure out who the audience for this is supposed to be. What % of the proverbial 1% of Americans even have a country home? Let alone the ones that watch channels like this on YT. I suppose I am not the target audience, although I do really enjoy the majority of your longform personal home tours. Lots of recycled content though (for a longtime viewer). Who is the targeted and/or preferred demographic of this channel?

  6. I googled your TENT store (in CT I think you said) but I couldn’t find anything. Let us know I would love to visit. ????

  7. Bird should not be in the direct sun, they can have a heart attack and the heat can kill them.

  8. ???? Connecticut. …. Me too. I love to see homes, artists, designers, etc. from my area. ❤❤❤❤

  9. Brevity and not necessarily gravity. Too many of the good things.

  10. Love the first guy who talks about the tattered rug in the foyer. Nothing is so precious…. Love that!

  11. It was so WONDERFUL to visit these gorgeous and cozy homes again!!!!! Thanks Homeworthy!

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