Best Knife (Ep 2)? CRKT, Gerber, Leatherman, Fallkniven, Victorinox, Kershaw, DeWalt, Milwaukee

15 Knife Brands: Fallkniven, Benchmade, Gerber, Victorinox, Kershaw, Cold Steel, Kizer, CRKT Fossil, Leatherman Skeletool, Milwaukee, DeWalt, COAST, Kingmax, Vulcan, Master USA. Folding Knives (pocket knives) compared for initial sharpness, blade lock release pressure, corrosion resistance, and blade tip durability. Knives were then sharpened using the same sharpening system, then compared for blade edge durability. Finally, we look at a knife that’s been in use for over 65 years. I purchased all of the every day carry (EDC) knives to ensure unbiased test reviews. So, thank you for supporting the channel!

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Cold Steel:
CRKT Fossil:
Leatherman Skeletool:

Wicked Edge Knife Sharpener:

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25 Replies to “Best Knife (Ep 2)? CRKT, Gerber, Leatherman, Fallkniven, Victorinox, Kershaw, DeWalt, Milwaukee”

  1. Wow!!! 65 year old pocket knife!!

    Thanks so very much to the guest veteran green beret!

    That kizer looks great for an everyday carry, surprised to not see Milwaukee do better.

  2. I rock a zero tolerance and have really liked it. It was a gift so not sure the price point for comparison here

  3. Great video and I love the testing as usual. But I also liked the interview and spotlight and a knife that is tried and true! Nicely done!

  4. I carried a Case almost like that one in Viet Nam but lost it in the jungle. I still have my Buck hunting knife I carried there, but never used it since.

    This is the most excellent group of knife tests I can imagine. If you use a knife almost daily, it will soon go through every one of those tests! My favorite is the steel quality test. (sharpen, test, cut bamboo, test again.) Thanks Todd!

  5. Best tiller? That's what our household's discussing right now for our flower bed. Gotta at least try to keep up with the neighbors 😂

  6. Why don’t you evaluate multipurpose pocket tools which you may have already done but that still comes back to testing the main blade that you have already tested like the original Swiss army tool I prefer the Sheffield pocket tool made in NewYork state

  7. I have a knife that you may never find because of limited number made! It is Mono Fishing Net Mag. C0. MEXICO. The blade is made MERCATOR-SOLENGER GERMANY and on the other side it says SEATTLE MARINE & FISLING SUPPLY CO. 2121 WEST COMMADORE WAY SEATTLE, WASH. Oh you it is all metal and has a lanyard ring in the handle!

  8. I think you're supposed to flick the milwaukee open since it's a fastback, right?

  9. I draw the line on the knives ,if it's not MADE IN THE USA. I call it Garbage. The older the better. Even my kitchen knives are Case XX.

  10. When doing tests on tools than need to hold an edge such as knifes, chainsaw chains, lawn mower blades, etc., it would be very nice to do a hardness test on both the cutting edge and the spine(if possible). This would give an idea on the quality of steel, as well as the type of heat treatment that went into the tool. If the edge is soft, it won't hold an edge for long, nor take a good edge. If the edge is hard but so is the spine, the tool will have a greater tendency to break. A hard edge and softer spine shows care was given to the heat treatment process.

  11. It’s really hard to beat a good carbon steel blade. Yes you have to oil the blades to keep them from rusting over time, but they are super easy to sharpen and stay sharp longer than most any stainless blade. I loath sharpening stainless blades, they dull so much faster and are harder to get sharp as I want in the first place.

  12. Instead of dropping the knives for the tip test why not secure them tip up and drop a steel plate at a certain weight via a swing arm such that each knife receives the same weighted strike. With the varying weight in each knife the drop test, although valuable still to determine accidental dropping, is not as accurate. One would have to figure out a way to strike the knife once as a swing arm may bounce on the tip. It was said that the drop test was variable, and maybe another way. Either way still great.

  13. The Bess sharpness tester is one of the coolest instruments i’ve ever seen, I love it when you’re testing with it.

  14. There are inconsistencies with this test… the Kershaw initial sharpness was 165 but after the 100 passes across the bamboo it tested as 150..

  15. Don't even have to watch the video. Sharpness is irrelevant if it's only sharp for a couple cuts. That's the difference between cheap crap and quality blades. Cheap steel might get ok sharp, but it has zero edge retention.

  16. CRKT states: "Our production facility is located in Oregon, USA" I can't find "Made in China" anywhere on my CRKT knives. Just "Made in USA". Any thoughts?

  17. Bought myself a Gerber Remix Tactical knife, it works very well with a very compact shape and short blade, giving it compact space and superb sharpness in a nice simple package, and the way of holding it is very comfortable for someone who uses a pocket knife on a daily basis!

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