Beth's Christmas Brunch Menu

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Learn how to make my Christmas Brunch Buffet! An easy menu loaded with great Christmas brunch recipes that will keep everyone well fed on Christmas morning. From my orange, cranberry crumb cake to my “overnight oats” oatmeal bar, egg casserole, hash brown cups and maple glazed bacon!

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28 Replies to “Beth's Christmas Brunch Menu”

  1. I made the hasbrowns, egg bake, and bacon today for a Mother's Day brunch. Everyone loved it! I followed the game plan and everything went smoothly. Thanks!

  2. Beth,you are amazing!!
    Queen of style
    Food passion
    Love for life!!
    Regards from


  3. Really love your long videos!!! pls make every video this long cos i just cant watch enough of it^^

  4. I have followed you since 2015 for the crumble cake ???? merry Christmas to everyone here I’m to bake it again love you !!!

  5. What goes well with this cake other than cranberries. We don't get cranberries here ..

  6. Thrilled to have found you and the wonderful recipes with prep and cookware suggestions to entertain joyfully & deliciously.

  7. If I don't have an angel food pan, can I make this in either a bundt pan or a regular 8×8 glass baking dish?

  8. Oh wow! I used to watch your dad when he was on TV. Such great designs thanks for the video.

  9. This spread was very nice. I don't celebrate Christmas, but I like your food choices.

  10. I am trying to find the recipe for this cranberry orange crumb cake and can not find it….where is it hiding?

  11. Boy I never even heard of a Christmas brunch growing up we were lucky if we got presents in our family and I can count on one hand how much Christnas came with presents and brunch is something you order out at a high end cafe and while we're one the subject of breakfast that was something I've always made or bought myself otherwise you went without!

    Who needs Christmas presents when you got Beth for a mum!

  12. Congratulations ???? ???? ???? ????
    This is a winner ???? ???? ????
    Thank you so much it is amazing presentation wow ????
    God love you and blessings
    Happy Easter ???? ???? ????

  13. Just found this site???? I made the hash brown cups! They were amazing! Looking forward to more easy fun menu planning

  14. I like your Italian egg bake very much -definitely something I would like to try but if it's Italian it's got to be we got the cheese not cottage ..,,lcheese if you please.

  15. Looking forward to making this Christmas morning for my family, your aunt Nancy Venuto’s friend, from Fargo.

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