Big Planting Day at Our Friend’s House! 👌🙌🥰 // Garden Answer

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18 Replies to “Big Planting Day at Our Friend’s House! 👌🙌🥰 // Garden Answer”

  1. The plantings are So beautiful. Perfect complement to a beautiful home. Congratulations to the graduate. Hope the party is perfect.

  2. Whenever Laura is planting at her friend's house i get all jealous of all that open flower bed space. So much potential for pretty plants. Chosing and planting things is the most fun.

  3. Really looking so nice…Just wondering 🤔 not seeing any evergreens in the front beds..Will you be adding them later for winter intrest .??

  4. Love her videos!!!…. I kindly dislike the concrete dog square, painful to see with all that beautiful grass. Poor pup.

  5. I love their property !👍 And those large beam details on the front of the house look amazing .

  6. Thanks for another great video full of inspiration! I enjoy eating breakfast or lunch with you everyday Laura. I loved the music choice while you were planting the perennials. I was thinking that a red ground cover rose would be beautiful front and center in the bed with the lavender and day lillies. Now I'm heading back outside to plant more flowers of my own! 🙂

  7. Those beds look wonderful, and I love where the trees ended up. The Spruces look beautiful where they are.

  8. Have to give a shout to appreciate your video editor for such calming, upbeat and positive music !!! Thank you for making it such a pleasant experience !

  9. It is looking so beautiful. I have a question about the sweet romance lavender, how much water they need? I have heard they like to be dry is that true?

  10. The new beds looks beautiful!!!
    A terrific way to celebrate the new graduate 🎓

  11. Thank you for all the beauty and inspiration! Over the years watching your channel, my knowledge has grown so much and the garden centre has become a favourite date spot with my husband! I’ve just gotten a Spanish Lavender standard this season and it is my joy ❤️

  12. Is that the first time we've seen you plant daylilies? I don't hear you talk about them often. Do you have any on your property?
    I was planning on asking you about them & this was the perfect opportunity. I've divided mine so many times in 30 years I'm nearly overrun. I do love the pastel yellow, peach and pink colors the best. Not a Stella d'oro in the bunch which is how I like it. 😁

  13. It is strange to me that the flower bed is made up to the foundation of the house. Does this not create excessive moisture in the foundation?

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