"Billionaire Loafer" Worth It? Loro Piana Summer Walk Review

Let’s determine if the Loro Piana Summer Walk loafer is worth the investment or not: https://gentl.mn/loro-piana-billionaire-loafer-review

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00:00 Loro Piana Summer Walk Loafers Introduction

Currently one of the hottest hot-weather shoes in the fashion sphere with a sweltering price of about $1000. We’ll be critiquing this pair of shoes to help you decide if the Summer Walk loafer is worth its price.

00:41 History of Loro Piana & Summer Walks

The modern Loro Piana company began in 1924 and within a few decades had established a reputation for importing rare and luxurious fabrics.

In 2005, Loro Piana debuted as part of its “Walk” line the Summer Walk loafer. It remained relatively niche until Loro Piana began aggressively pushing its casual footwear around 2019. The Summer Walk has since become a ubiquitous status symbol and or associated with the super-wealthy that it has been dubbed A Billionaire Favorite.

04:14 Summer Walk Loafer Components

The Summer Walk is modeled after typical plain-front loafers with a relaxed fit and construction similar to moccasins. Loro Piana markets the Summer Walk as a warm-weather leisure and recreation shoe. The loafer consists of fabric uppers with rubber soles and is “largely” handcrafted.

Loro Piana offers the Summer Walk with several fabric options for the uppers and is famous for its Storm System-treated fabrics. The soles are made from gum rubber.

06:49 Assessing the Summer Walk ($980): Material Quality

The suede for the uppers is extremely nice and definitely top-of-the-line. The color is even and consistent without appearing fake or artificial. Like the uppers, the lining is extremely soft with a consistent, blemish-free surface. We found the rubber to be totally odorless with a supple, grippy feel and deep treads.

09:17 Construction & Comfort

Individual leather segments have been neatly trimmed and consistently and securely sewn together. Stitch density is appropriate for a recreation shoe used in wet conditions and stitching is neat and even. The heel is relatively low but sits comfortably like a regular boat shoe.

Comfort was a major selling point. Because slip-ons stretch with wear, it is often suggested to order a smaller size. Because of its small size, the heel of this shoe could be a fit issue for some gentlemen but otherwise, it’s a very typical fit for a slip-on.

10:58 Appearance & Styling

Appearance is important for even casual shoes. Summer Walk loafers have a versatile, clean look that is typical of plain-front loafers and are very compatible with Classic Style. We really like the style. It’s the perfect hybrid between a sneaker and a loafer:

12:06 So, Are They Worth It?

We can definitely say that these loafers are not worth it unless you specifically want these particular shoes from Loro Piana. Despite the use of high-quality suede and rubber and overall excellent construction, there is nothing intrinsic to these shoes that justifies a price tag two or three times greater than similar competitors.

Here at the Gentleman’s Gazette we don’t believe in getting hung up on logos and labels. So unless that matters to you, we cannot justify paying simply for the pleasure of the Loro Piana crest.

12:42 Alternatives to Summer Walks
→ Yanko Belgian Loafer
→ Suitsupply Slip-On
→ Scarosso Ludovico
→ Baudoin & Lange Beat
→ Baudoin & Lange Sagan Stride
→ Aurélien Yacht Loafer
→ Crockett & Jones Cannes

13:52 Outfit Rundown

15 Replies to “"Billionaire Loafer" Worth It? Loro Piana Summer Walk Review”

  1. There’s shoes at Walmart that look identical. Probably made in the same sweatshop too.

  2. I must congratulate LP for taking huge wads of cash from idiots who really shouldn't have it…. and people who have far too much of it. At least the money will be paid to people in the real world who have to live on their wages,

  3. ????<- this is me, when I heard "at lower price" followed by 162$ loafers. Good brands (not signatures) here are around 80/90$ and I'd not spend more for a suede leather shoe pair, considering how easily they get ruined by practically anything…

  4. Absolutely not worth it. They are nice looking, but at $980, it is no longer about quality but a brand name, which is pointless. You can get good quality shoes for a small fraction of this price.

  5. 100% agreed that these aren't worth it. Loro Piana offers wonderful fabrics and I have had a few jackets and suits made using them. I also have purchased some of their accessories like gloves and scarves. With many alternatives at cheaper and MTM at comparable prices (or less) – there really is no reason to buy these shoes outside of branding.

  6. ..Very interesting.., but, definitely not a style that I find, at all, intriguing.., but, honestly, excellent production..!!

  7. I just bought blue suede loafers by magnanni that are a fraction of the cost and look exactly alike, I had no idea that this loafer was a "thing." I just like the look and color, who knew…

  8. They look pretty dorky, not even remotely stylish. I wouldn't pay 50$ for them. My driving mocs from amazon made in china look better than those to be honest.

  9. 12 seconds in and I have reached my conclusion. I need an ID enhancer as much as Piano thingy need my money

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