BLACK, GOLD & RED ???? EASY Orchid FLOWER Painting – Wow!???? Acrylic Pouring ~ Floral Fluid Art Idea

Elegant Golden Orchid – new Floral painting design in this acrylic pouring video tutorial. This time I want to try out a stunning combo of Gold, Red & Silver colors on a BLACK base. For this pour painting to be really mesmerizing, I want to expand a beautiful glowing behind-the-colors effect. ???? Oh, such a striking fluid art idea even sounds so cool! Also, in this abstract painting, I want to go for the criss-cross technique. I think this pour painting tutorial, along with my art tips, will be helpful for beginners.
I hope you enjoyed the process and looking forward to hearing from you!
Create with PASSION! ❤️

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▬▬▬▬▬▬ ????TIME STAMPS ▬▬▬▬▬▬
0:00 new acrylic pour painting tutorial
1:11 secret message in acrylic painting
1:21 pouring fluid color black base
2:26 acrylic pouring tip – base
2:45 layering fluid acrylics for blowout
5:10 blowout fluid art technique
5:38 finger swipe
6:01 working on details
7:20 correcting dry canvas painting
7:51 dry and finished Fluid Art painting

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I’m a contemporary artist based in Canada with my roots going back to Ukraine. I specialize in fluid media and consider myself an unconventional artist – instead of regular brushes, I use water, fire, airflow, and gravity as my tools for achieving the most unique effects in my art.
The biggest inspiration for my art is Nature with its endless forms of beauty and harmony in every process, every phenomenon, every creature, and every element of the micro and macro world. And with my art, I attempt to explore and manifest this beauty, leaving room for viewers to find a reflection of what moves and inspires them the most.

On this channel, I provide aspiring artists with tools and knowledge they can use to express their creative gifts and make beautiful art.

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29 Replies to “BLACK, GOLD & RED ???? EASY Orchid FLOWER Painting – Wow!???? Acrylic Pouring ~ Floral Fluid Art Idea”

  1. This Golden Orchid is easily one of my FAVORITES of all floral pieces that I have ever created! ????Would you like to see more painting design ideas with it? Maybe on a Big Canvas?

  2. Hi Olga, I love floral designs and this one is gorgeous. ???? Just those few colours have produced a stunning palette on the black background. I love it on the smaller canvas but it would be interesting to see if the effect is the same on a larger one.

  3. I love this piece. Your art is one ofy favorites. But, how do you keep your colors from sinking into the black?

  4. Beautiful! It’s amazing to me how you have this vision and then you can create it. I didn’t understand at first where you were going with the blow out, but then the figure swipe brought it all together! Thanks ???? ❤❤

  5. Olga cette toile est fantastique felicitation qu'elle belle couleurs et superbe design felicitation ❤❤❤

  6. Thank you for being such a great teacher.
    Love your passion.
    I love the purples.
    We just painted our bedroom.
    Went waaay off the beaten path with the color choice.
    Did a medium brown.
    I do like the earth tones.

  7. woow it's look soo good ! Uhh what happen with your Hair, much darker, looks good ????

  8. I originally didn't like it. It seemed discombobulated. After your magical finger swipe, the art came together. This is life. Tweak here, tweak there, leave other parts alone. Eventually you're happy with the outcome. I would say that your magical finger swipe is like "Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo".

    As usual looking forward to watching your creativity come to life.

    The answer to your question: would you like to see more painting design ideas with it? is yes. Maybe a big one and also the idea of a triptych is intriguing.

  9. Do you mix your paints with water or medium? Your work is amazing and you make it look so easy.????????????????????

  10. This is REALLY BEAUTIFUL OLGA. I LUV it. What a Painting. Yes I think this would look REALLY GREAT on a larger canvas. ????????

  11. It's beautiful. But I didn't like it until the very end. I don't know what it was about it, but it just didn't flow. But in the end! Yes!

  12. I love water colours & autumn colours .. I like when there’s a sparkle /added dimension in there too ..

  13. My cat, Délima, have listen and see all your tutorial with me. ???? Her eye are freeze completly on the video all the time. She's never do this. ???? I think she love with you and your creation Olga. ???? She turn her face when the video was end. It's so special. ???? I think she saw all the love that you offer during your creations. ????❤❤ Wonderful piece Olga !! ????????????

  14. I like the way the blossoms are individual and yet joined, with a perfect finger swipe ❤. A series of blossoms would be cool ❤

  15. Expetacular parabéns ,que Deus Abençoe suas mãos e sua familia Bay Bay.

  16. I love the color combination with turquoise and gold ???????????????? There's nothing better ????

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