Blind Tasting 4 BUDGET vs PREMIUM Ingredients | Are they worth it?

It’s Barry VS Mike in today’s Pick the Premium!! Can they tell the difference between a BUDGET Ingredient and a PREMIUM Ingredient in a blind taste test SHOWDOWN?! Watch to find out!





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16 Replies to “Blind Tasting 4 BUDGET vs PREMIUM Ingredients | Are they worth it?”

  1. Hi Sorted food team, Can i propose Indian chilli powders on next episode

  2. I love how you always make me laugh. Can you do a test between, canned, frozen and fresh ingredients?

  3. Sainsbury's miso looks like a bastardization of miso. That they have the right to call it miso is insulting to the original. This is undoubtedly cultural appropriation!

  4. I'd love to see different priced chillis be tried in dishes from around the world, like 2 different scotch bonnets in a Jamaican jerk dish, 2 of the same type of chilli used in an Indonesian dish and other dishes. Would be nice to see if you get more of the flavour from the chilli from a "higher quality" one or not.

  5. I think this is the first time where this series has used an actual budget ingredient. Usually, they already know that the store brand is perfectly acceptable (sometimes even getting them for more expensive stores) verses a very premium product that no one on a budget would ever consider buying. Even on a budget, you need to be getting the real miso.

  6. Those are such small jars of miso ???? Coming from Singapore I'm more used to seeing the 500g square packages of miso which Ben mentioned are cheaper per gram. Although nowadays there's too much salt in everything so I prefer to buy salt-reduced miso ????

  7. Have you ever thought of doing a blind brand test. You can do it for familiar brands and see if they recognize the brand, for stuff like chocolate, beer or something like that.

  8. With flaovring like the miso, I have to wonder if using 50% more of the cheaper product would have been an interesting comparison.

  9. Apparently he only prefers the cheaper pistachios 'almost certainly' due to familiarity and not because maybe he just might prefer them. My god these middle class boys can be so unbearable

  10. Is there a substitute for miso? I can’t have any soy and am severely allergic to mushrooms (including truffles).
    I received Iranian pistachios from my mother-in-law.. the best I’ve ever had, but unfortunately impossible to get here in the States

  11. why does Barry look like he's been drinking? the way he's talking and holding his food he looks like he's been on a sesh all day

  12. "I'm glad there's a bench in front of me". I nearly dropped my cuppa! ????????

    I might try that coffee. ????

  13. I'd love to see something like Chef's Choice…what do the chefs spend their money on, versus where is it okay to cut corners?

    Last night, I had some friends over and we ended up making a low-and-slow chicken dish with cheaper cuts of meat but went all out on butter and strong cheese for the mashed potatoes.

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