**BLING NAILS** how to…….

welcome guys, just a quick tutorial on how to do bling nails xx

Gel polish seller on ebay…..

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  1. I used gel to do a full bling nail on my client and they popped off the next day and 2 days after they all came off what did I do wrong?

  2. het is super mooi en zo licht roze en zilver steentjes staat heel erg mooi bij elkaar Oke heel mooi Oke Doei

  3. I have a question.. Are you applying the gel nail polish to acrylic nail? Or was that like her natural nail or gel overlay? I'm confused. Can you even put gel nail polish on acrylic nail??

  4. hi, geat videos. i was wondering why does the rhinestones fall of after 1 day. i dont put it on my clients nails because i know it wont stay for 4 weeks . I practise on my own nails. i apply the stones just like you do it. p,ease help. thanks so much . greetings from the netherlands xxx

  5. Why does it always seem like the cleanser makes the top coat dull? Arent you suppose to use a clean cleanser wipe for each finger, instead of one for the whole hand? I heard that reusing it for other fingers will make the other fingers dull. Is this true?

  6. do you find the christina polish lasts on natural nail?  also wat watt do you use for the uv light 9 or 36?

  7. Thanks to my bestie im getting reinterested in the nail arts, I can't believe how much nail art has become such a fashion statement, and it may get me to have a hobby again. Thank you best friend😍😝 these videos are the business😘

  8. Awesome video!! Thank you so much. Would like to know where do you buy these polishes?

  9. Very nice!! I realay like how you make the nails like so natural!! I need to get into more gel polishes.

  10. Very nice!! I realay like how you make the nails like so natural!! I need to get into more gel polishes.

  11. do you have the number of the pink color you used.  Cuz you called it baby pink but I did not see that name from the list. thank you

  12. If you only knew how many times I've watched tis video. It calms me for some reasons.
    I think it's your voice and the fact that I love pink so much.

  13. Never thought to do glitter under a bling nail. I'm going to try this. Thanks

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