Blush make in water ???? Blush hacks #makeup #shorts yo beauty

Blush make in water ???? Blush hacks #makeup #shorts

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19 Replies to “Blush make in water ???? Blush hacks #makeup #shorts yo beauty”

  1. Ye coffee mein lipstick ka taste kyu aa raha hai

    If you know you know ????

  2. Waste of time of watching this of nonsense videos ????????????

  3. Didi khareed lo us blender ko Jo saaf karna padega usse better h khareedna

  4. Mai to lipstick ko hi as a blush use kar leti hu itne jhanjhat me kon pade ????????????????????

  5. It’s oil based, wont work unless it is water based bc oil and water don’t mix ????????

  6. And you are doing it wearing a white top ???? my heart would skip a beat !! ????

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