Boat Building Time Lapse

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by request, extended version here:
Building two Melonseed Skiffs. Two and a half years of work compressed into 300 seconds. More info here:

Update 2/8/17 – The video was posted when the boats left the shop. Months passed before the final finish work was complete and they actually got on the water. The links in this description lead to the site where their adventures are documented. Here’s a photo of one under sail:

More from that trip here:

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  1. Once in a while I watch this video, so nice to see… maybe one day I build one, maybe not exactly same design for not having plans, but it is utterly clear the whole concept of melonseeds, they bring me back to my early days. Thank you.

  2. Your boat looks great! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us! I built a boat for my kids in my backyard earlier this year using plans I got from BoatPlans.4YourHelp. Com (remove space and open the website) Clear directions and an accurate materials list…It was great for a novice builder like myself!

  3. I'm building an aluminum boat soon and I like the front of this boat, would like to do it on mines

  4. Such sensational well built masterful beauties…. I'm so unhappy whoever designed this video didn't spend a few minutes to view the final products.
    That should have been final cut! Not the final cut of the vain builder. Hey, don't get me wrong, your team built under your direction built a gorgeous product, we tuned in to see that! Not yourself in a close up. That aside, sensational and beautiful work.

  5. I from spain than iam leaving about 20 years a go my name is Hakim. i can invite you once if you whant to come in spain in area of Alicante TORREVIEJA city its a beautyfull area and you welcome for a talck Nice to c your ART mouvment on Youtube God bless you.BEST REGARD

  6. Hi Kristo was realy interested to c u how u enjoing the art of u r genius working its realy nice me to i wanted to maek my own buisness for to built litle fast sailing boat so if u enjoing me to mad a plane about it i can start with u i c that u have an experience & i have a plan to shairing a buisness with some one who have an experince

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