Brilliant ideas to save you HUNDREDS on a kitchen makeover!

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16 Replies to “Brilliant ideas to save you HUNDREDS on a kitchen makeover!”

  1. Why did you use gray in the first kitchen when all the interior designers say that gray is on the way out? The new colors are warm and light…..beiges, whites, and earth tones. Gray is cold and depressing. The second kitchen is painted beautifully. Such warm and welcoming colors!!

  2. The dark colours made that first kitchen look very cramped and dingy. Brighter colours would have made it seem bigger. The second kitchen colours were also dingy and dark. Not my cup of tea at all. But each to their own.

  3. Jesus the people that sold you the condo didn't even have the gaul to clean it

  4. Every time I see gray or brown kitchens I always think "what were they thinking?" Such depressing colors especially for such tiny kitchens. The painting tips were great though.

  5. She is asking if they can eat and J yells I just tried to feed you at the house! And her ungrateful a$$ says what some chili? Guess she's too good to eat the chili from home she has to be served and use someone else $'s to be served! This spoiled entitled B needs to grow up and figure ???? out on her own! The enablers need to wake up! She doesn't have a toothache and she's not starving!

  6. OH MY GOODNESS!! You have truly created a masterpiece in that kitchen. It was plain and boring looking but now looks like a brand new model house kitchen. Congratulations ????!

  7. Hmmm. Looks cute, but I'd hate to deal with that backsplash. Key word backSPLASH. Those grooves will catch crud. The surface is not scrub friendly.

  8. Really like the warmth of the color change to the hardware of the cabin tree looks good.

  9. If you applied molding to the cabinet doors and it would update the kitchen to modern.

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