Brooklyn Roommates In A Colorful 530 SQ FT Apartment

Name: Carrie Carrollo (@CarrieCarrollo) roommate, Celia Skvaril; with pug, June; and cat, Squid.
Location: Prospect Heights – Brooklyn, New York
Size: 530 SQ FT/49 SQ METERS
Type of Home: Two-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment
Years Lived In: 2.5 years, renting

Celia Skvaril, a beauty video host and producer at Insider, moved into this two-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment in Brooklyn’s Prospect Heights neighborhood six months before the pandemic began. When Celia’s last roommate left the city, Carrie Carrollo, the creative strategist at the Skimm as well as a freelance writer and content creator, moved out of her previous home, a studio apartment Apartment Therapy toured, and into this one.


0:00 – Intro
0:42 – Living Room
2:36 – Dining Room
3:11 – Bookshelf Decorating
4:27 – Kitchen
5:42 – Carrie’s Bedroom
7:32 – Ikea Dresser DIY
9:12 – Bathroom
9:57 – Tile Desk DIY
10:40 – Celia’s Bedroom
11:43 – Carrie’s Story

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19 Replies to “Brooklyn Roommates In A Colorful 530 SQ FT Apartment”

  1. This was a delightful surprise. I have seen too many small spaces where the tour is about the bare bones of the place accented with "and this drawer has my cutlery," or "We have a couch and chair." This lovely home had many well chosen decor touches for the viewer's eyes to enjoy but it never becomes cluttered. There was a lot of effort and skill implemented here. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Oh wow, I remember seeing Carrie's video of her other apartment! Loved her style then and still love it now. What a cozy home these 2 young ladies have and the dog and cat playing together is *chefs kiss*!

  3. A dog and a cat living together in peace and playful harmony. The women are living in a space of tranquility.

  4. Cat litter in the closet seems like a terrible idea al your clothes will stink. And be full of bacteria. Why not put it in the bathroom?

  5. Very inspiring and cozy. Also not too designed, they both are actually living in the space. Great talent to design a space in a cheerful and calming way ❤

  6. Absolutely, breathtakingly gorgeous ladies. Well done. Thanks for a glimpse into yr gorgeous home. ????????????????????

  7. I LOVE seeing more colors in apartments. This apartment really nicely incorporates colorful accents with the mostly neutral colored space. I’m slowly incorporating more color and patterns to my neutral themed apartment, and this gave me some great ideas.

  8. Absolutely inspiring! Well done, girls. So creative, love all the DIYs. My son's NYC studio feels like a yucky cave. Love seeing what is possible.

  9. Litter box inside a clothing and storage closet? Hard pass. Regardless of the litter box having a lid, the fumes and odor still gets out and spreads through the surrounding area smh

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