Building an OFF GRID Workshop w/$3500 [ALL We Did in 4 Months]

After finishing the Cabin, we decided to build an Off Grid Workshop. Link to Skull Bliss: use code CABIN50 for $50 off.

We needed a covered space to help us continue building all the projects that we will build in the next years. We started 4 months ago with the goal to build a very affordable and well designed space that could be built just by the two of us. And that it can be moved elsewhere in the future.
Started with the ground work, which we did all by hand, it was hard work but we saved the cost of renting an excavator.

Then we poured our very first concrete slab, it was our first experience with concrete, and as complete beginners we were very scared that day, but overcame our fears and went for it.

Once the concrete was dry we started framing the structure, which we completed in 6 days.

Finally were able to install the solar panels at their final location, after months siting on the ground. Having them up high will help them produce more electricity and stay cleaner for longer time.

And in the latest episode we finished cladding all the exterior using translucent corrugated panels, since we want this space to also work as a greenhouse to help us to grow food during winter, and to provide plenty of natural light to save on electricity.

This week we will complete the exterior of the building.

We will also be sharing the total material costs and finally after many weeks working on it behind the scenes we release the Workshop Layout and Structural kits, so you too can build this Workshop.

All of these while celebrating that we have reached 100.000 subscribers, all thanks to YOU.

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00:00 What we built in the last 4 months
01:18 Started the front door
03:18 There is a property for sale here
03:40 This is how to trim a white metal door
06:30 Looks pretty good
06:55 Framing the door
09:10 The moment I realized we were in trouble
11:00 Showing you it all, including the problems that we need to solve
12:09 Surprising Eugenia 🙂
14:38 Had to do all this first to install the door
18:00 Explanation
18:43 I don’t think it is going to work, but we have to try
19:40 We had to cut the prefab door
20:48 Second try, will it work?
21:44 Next day reveal and prep work
22:55 Custom making a plywood lock box
23:48 Do you guys think it will work?
25:17 Been to get one of this for a long time
28:05 Next day, ready to cover the door
29:17 Today I think, we are going to try to cover that door
31:02 I lost Eugenia
31:45 Family snack break
33:07 Working in extreme conditions
34:42 Calm after the storm
35:28 Today, it’s window day
36:36 Window Trim work
37:37 Sill pan info
38:08 Does galvanized steel rust easily?
39:00 Custom making a sill pan
40:00 How to cut a perfect straight line with the grinder, Pepe’s tips
41:44 ASMR steel hand work
43:40 Installing the sill pan
45:05 Lunch break, life does not get much better than this
46:45 Started framing the window and…
48:40 Very important question for you
50:13 Going to buy more material, and the plexiglass to complete the Workshop
52:00 Woke up in the middle of the desert
53:30 This was home for a while
54:15 Eugenia’s stolen saw horses
55:24 Are we covering the interior of the Workshop?
56:26 Is it a crime?
57:01 We are here to inspire YOU to build your own life

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24 Replies to “Building an OFF GRID Workshop w/$3500 [ALL We Did in 4 Months]”

  1. it's been 3 weeks and we come back full of progress. in this episode we finished the exterior completely, shared total costs and released the Layout and Structural Kits, so you too can build The Workshop. All while celebrating that we reached 100k subscribers, thanks to YOU. THANK YOU. Prepare yourself a good drink, some snacks, sit back and enjoy, because this build series is only getting better 🔥🍿📺
    • Workshop's Layout Kit –
    • Workshop's Structural Kit –
    ♥ Donate here via PayPal if you would like to help us with the channel, buy us a coffee, some seeds for our garden, tools… 🙂 –
    ♥ Support us by buying OUR MERCH and look good at the same time –
    • Step by Step Cabin's Guide –
    • Cabin's Layout Kit –
    • Cabin's Structural Kit –
    • MHC Compost Toilet Kit –

  2. Hello,

    your channel is really great.
    You two realize your dreams and have implemented everything great.
    I wish more people like you would reflect and realize what is important in life.

    Don't be afraid of anything, live in the moment and make your dreams come true.

    Every journey starts with the first step.

    Greetings from Germany.

  3. I vote yes for the keyhole finish! Although you need two – one for each side!

  4. What a wonderful studio space for many creative endeavors. You two are total inspiration to a Californian subscriber.

  5. I so enjoy watching you two build your life. The whole esthetics are delightful to see. I love to see your vision come to fruition. Thank you for sharing.

  6. The rectangle echoes the shape of the door and is more harmonious. 🙂

  7. Hello, your videos is so enjoyable to watch! Good job guys! Wanted to ask: what camera, lens and mic do you use?

  8. YES….put the plate on the door bro, it does look better and will cover the cutting…doing well guys, please continue

  9. I do not agree. You reached 100.000 subscribers all thanks to YOU. Amazing content! Thanks a lot. 🤍

  10. Respect Figlio – and greetings from Germany . Best wishes to ur wife too – u doing a great job

  11. The door can be a cool whiteboard… and also the window… so cool it looks… awesome you guys are…

  12. 🤣 I like the little square panel on the door on both sides…I agree with the wife! 😜

  13. Pepe and Eugenia, you two together are just so perfect. You have such a great sense of humor, work so well together which is not always easy, especially on projects like a home and a workshop. It has been said a million times, but your channels are so inspiring as is your relationship. I am so very much looking forward to watching every single video from both channels as your journey and the development of your amazing home and property continues. Thanks for all you share and taking the time and the trouble to share it with all of us.

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