Building The Perfect Backyard Pond Ecosystem ????????

I built 2,000 gallon pond last year…andleft it half-finished. Today, we give the Epic pond a facelift and welcome 5 new koi to the pond family!

Koi fish are the perfect addition a backyard garden pond. They provide nutrients to your pond plants and a peaceful presence to your garden. The first koi I ever added to the pond were two small koi from Petco, and I’m excited to bring you a killer deal on koi for your pond.

Shop the quality selection of Petco’s koi between 4/30-5/29 online with overnight delivery, or in-store to take advantage of their 20% off deal!

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00:00 – Intro
00:27 – Problem
01:06 – Game Plan
01:45 – Breaking Up & Amending Soil
03:37 – Adding More Pavers
03:56 – Planting Plants Around The Pond
05:18 – Day Two
05:48 – Adding More River Rocks
06:21 – Koi Delivery & Naming
08:28 – Koi Release


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24 Replies to “Building The Perfect Backyard Pond Ecosystem ????????”

  1. The pond looks beautiful! Big difference with the ground cover and pond pebbles.

  2. It has been so cool to watch the homestead transformation and especially the epic pond! Love the new plants and the koi are so cute???? At the mention of bees I’m wondering, would you ever consider getting epic honey bees?

  3. omg I don't think I truly understood how dense the soil is you've all been working with until now….omg literally cheers to you all

  4. Looks so peaceful! Love the flower choices and color scheme.

    The names your team chose for each fish are fun. Great video!

  5. Kevin is so me. Slippers even when dangerous situations are around. ????

  6. Paul, the "new" garden manager? Did jacq get demoted?! Lol. Pond looks great guys!

  7. I just purchased the heirloom beet gourmet mix and the mild mix microgreens. I am very excited to see them grow. The packaging is beautiful

  8. I see Laura from Garden Answer use that little weed tool and I'm like "wow that looks so easy!" and my soil is exactly like yours in a lot of places haha. Thank you for saving me from spending the money on one!

  9. Do you worry that attracting the hummingbird moth will lead to your tomatoes being decimated by the hornworm?

  10. No sprinkler system for new plants?
    Pride of Madera is beautiful but truly awful to deadhead.

  11. If you look at the composition of the most sought after soil type sandy loam it is roughly seventy percent sand clay can be permanently modified with enough sand, maybe not on a large scale,but certainly in a flower or garden bed or two

  12. Oooo! I've been wanting to have a pond! This looks great! I'll have to make sure my garden is well before I get anything else though. Looks great kevin!

  13. 2 guys that are close are my favorite thing on earth. Love you guys.
    That soil was wild though! Idk if it really even qualifies as “soil” before you worked it.

  14. Have you guys heard of gypsum? It works great for breaking up clay and makes water soak-in WAYYYYY Better its amazing for clay i would give it a try ifi were you. Just a tip

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