Building the WORLDS FIRST PlayStation 5 slim

The PlayStation 5 is a BIG console… let’s fix that! Also, visit if you’d like to customise your own PS5!

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Thanks to Alphacool for the watercooling parts!

11 Replies to “Building the WORLDS FIRST PlayStation 5 slim”

  1. 31 Amps at 12 volts?! The PS5 Digital uses over 360 Watts of power?

  2. That's a really inspiring project! You made it look so easy! EDIT: Nevermind, I just hadn't reached the part where you covered the VRMs 🤣 – then it's all perfect!

  3. Типа вон та дура на полу не в счëт.. Очень нокая конструкция, ога.. Утëр инжеренам Сони нос.. Взял его слим версию под мышку и пошëл к друзьям поиграть. А. Ну да. И грузчика нанял, охлаждение занести.

  4. When I saw the video the first thing that came to my mind was that you were going to use a water cooling system in it and therefore you did it lol

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