Burned Guitar YAMAHA L-55 #2 火事で焼けたギターの修復 【Guitar Restore/Repair】

【Guitar Restore/Repair】Burned Guitar -YAMAHA L-55 – #2





23 Replies to “Burned Guitar YAMAHA L-55 #2 火事で焼けたギターの修復 【Guitar Restore/Repair】”

  1. ogs seu trabalho no restauro desse violão está entrando para a história da lutheria como uma referência. Aceite meus sinceros parabéns.

  2. I could use a variety of words to describe how amazing this whole process is but I think the one that fits the best is, beautiful

  3. First of all, i just want to say that you did a fantastic job! I am luthier too, and your video reminded me why i love this so much. Thanks! 🙏🏼

  4. cutting the head is not acceprable head wood is still in good condition burnt only sanding is required

  5. Me: will it be the same again?
    Everyone else: it's unsure. so much has to be mended.

    Master: the body is just a vessel for the soul

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