Calvin Builds a Bike | Tech Tuesday #213

There is a lot that can be learned by just watching someone DO something. So sit back, relax and watch Calvin put together his new bike.

No major lessons to learn, or concepts to explore, just a guy putting together his brand new bike and talking his way through it.


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27 Replies to “Calvin Builds a Bike | Tech Tuesday #213”

  1. we had bets on what type of bicycle you had bought yourself Kelvin, i said he might be a traditionalist & pick a nice racing road bike from the late 80's or something like that, another said a gravel bike whilst another said an mtb but then we thought if it is an mtb will it be a hard tail or a full suspension…& nice one..glad you treated yourself to a lovely bike kelvin, i enjoyed this video to

  2. Thank you for the magic mechanic experience! I missed a bit, that you have not used your PT scale to measure the final weight! :- )))

  3. You should design a custom frame with Marino.
    I'm getting a steel hardtail made right now from 853 Reynolds. Candy orange paint.

  4. Ah yes the Industry Nine wheels, I have always wanted to try them out myself, it's a nice experience to build the bike yourself to build your experience right there, & work your way up.

  5. It's reassuring that even Calvin can slip up! I'm curious; I've always used a little grease or anti-seize on the threads of XD divers, as I've been stung with a very stuck Eagle cassette in the past – Calvin didn't use anything. Was there a reason why?? And can we find Calvin some grey brake hose and zip ties? ????

  6. I would say both top and bottom chain runs must be parallel for the perfect picture

  7. SRAM: ”Full Suspension Frames: To size the chain, the rear shock must be fully compressed.” Calvin: Yes.????

  8. "(if) a jobs worth doing it worth doing twice"

    Does Park Tool have a weekend course or week courses for hands on experience?

    I am not rich by any means but would spend $$$ to take classes in this!!

  9. Spring time in Minnesota!? ????haha, Calvin there is still a foot of snow on the ground

  10. Genius at work, I care. How about a fully rigid, 29×3, Gates and Pinion 15speed,….with fully upright seating position and comfy seat. Like a beach cruiser with all the gears. Please?

  11. What is the tool or mount holding the wheel at an angle when Calvin installs the cassette?

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