Can He Make a Slime Blindfolded?

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29 Replies to “Can He Make a Slime Blindfolded?”

  1. ???? ???????????????????? ???????????? ???????? ???????????? ????????'???? ????????????????????????

  2. Is no one gonna talk about how the paint says “navy blue” and it was like a Light blue

  3. Totally yellow and totally a little bit of scent????????????????????????????????????????????

  4. Now we jsut need some yellow"
    Gravs yellow*
    The slime:i thought yo gunna turn me yellow >:(

  5. Literally the bottle was still in the slime when you lifted your blindfold up oh my Bro

  6. Why do you have a blue slime scented like rice crispys LOL ????

  7. Wait he picked out the Rice Krispie sent and I’m eating one lol ????????

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