Can This Pro Chef Turn A Chipotle Burrito Into Pasta?

Burritos or pasta? Why choose?! Chef Joe Sasto knows how to perfectly marry the two into deliciously spicy meatballs and cavatelli. Will special guest Alix Traeger approve the taste test?

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Alix Traeger
Joe Sasto

29 Replies to “Can This Pro Chef Turn A Chipotle Burrito Into Pasta?”

  1. disappointed he didnt use more chipotle ingredients like tortilla chips and the tortila wrap for the pasta instead of just adding a bit of each ingredient practically hiding it

  2. We don't actually put meatballs on pasta, although it's a common stereotype among people from other countries. That looks really good though ????

  3. This chubby blonde girl at the end is super grating. She tries WAY too hard and makes me uncomfortable. Tasty chefs are chill, laid back, and informative. This chonkster always tries to make the video about her. Wish there was a way to screen out videos of just her.

  4. It's not really turning a chipotle burrito into pasta when you use ingredients that alone can make the pasta. Plus there's more ingredients from the pantry than the actual burrito itself. Nice idea but clickbaity title as usual

  5. He shouldnt be allowed into any kitchen ever again…this guy has no skills, he has no idea how to treat the ingredients

  6. this is giving very make it fancy vibes but I'm not mad ???? i like you Mr. mustache ????

  7. some of those wheel options… absolutely Dying to see, well, all of them but especially the ones like Cheetos/Froot Loops/Oreos and S'mores

  8. I first heard about Chipotle in latest bangtan bomb????.. any armies out there?

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