Can't Believe They Can Recycle Buildings! How De-Construction Diverts a MASSIVE Amount of Waste

Deconstruction is an incredible green alternative to traditional building demolition. Instead of tearing down a building and dumping all of the waste in the landfill, deconstructing a building layer by layer makes it possible to salvage, recycle, and reuse as many building materials as possible. Adam from the Unbuilders deconstruction company says they average ~95% waste diversion on their projects.

– Fixtures, appliances, windows, and doors are donated to organizations like Habitat for Humanity
– Beams, studs, and all other solid wood is salvaged and reused or recycled
– Drywall is recycled into new drywall
– Asphalt shingle roofing is recycled
– Concrete foundations are recycled into road base

Some materials that don’t currently have a reuse or recycling option in the Vancouver area are old insulation, old stucco, and low-grade pressboard.

Unbuilders has its headquarters in Vancouver, British Columbia where the presence of green demolition policy, private recycling companies, and charitable partners make it possible to achieve such impressive results. Unbuilders is working to re-create this deconstruction-friendly ecosystem in major cities across Canada and the United States over the next 5-10 years. We’re excited to see them expand the sustainable impact of deconstruction!

You can follow and find out more about Unbuilders here:

A special thank you to the entire Unbuilders team for letting us film them at work during a record-breaking heatwave!

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10 Replies to “Can't Believe They Can Recycle Buildings! How De-Construction Diverts a MASSIVE Amount of Waste”

  1. "approaching the removal differently". In other words "our removal costs 10x more due to our process"

  2. People demolished a perfectly good handmade wood cabin down the street from my house. It was such a nice place.

  3. This is fantastic. I love this.

    I'm planning to build a tiny house and this is the best way to go.

  4. I love this. it's good for the planet and everything living here. ????????

  5. I love this. Watching home renovation shows where the crew smashes perfectly good cabinets, floors, etc. and throw everything in dumpsters drives me nuts. So much of it could be reused/recycled.

  6. the waste site collects it so companys can buy it where i live..
    ofcourse lots of companys do they same as in this video, but they think their work more expensive then new parts.

    the lumber is needed in the industrie, how else do we make new kitchens for example..
    wood is one of the few sustainable building materials, it uptakes co2 as it grows.
    and they want to stop that proces… wtf

  7. I’m going to have my old 1901 house deconstructed. It’s not worth it to me to fix it up and it has a lot of good wood work and windows that are period correct.

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