CapitolTV's DISTRICT VOICES – District 8’s Resourceful Style

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Watch the District Voices Trailer Here:
Who knew Peacekeeper uniforms were so versatile? Discover another side to District 8 with Rob & Corinne, as they demonstrate the many possibilities for excess textile materials and resins, only on CapitolTV.
Watch the District Voices Trailer Here:
Sanctioned by the Capitol Ministry of Information, DISTRICT VOICES was made with friends from Google –

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21 Replies to “CapitolTV's DISTRICT VOICES – District 8’s Resourceful Style”

  1. I love how they looks like supporting the capitol and then there is this little sign with their hand that in reality, doesn't represent their district but their support to the rebellion!!

  2. Wait so they can make beautiful clothing for the capital but yet in the first hunger games the tributes went out wearing pink and blue clown outfits.

  3. Love that i only see this now. Im a huge hunger games fan and watched your videos for a long time. Only just found these tho. I love how this is made.

  4. I recon the directors saw they were being rebellious with the hand gestures at the end because the lights blacked out and they were probably killed after that.

  5. What are the hints that show that they are in the rebellion? I haven't read or seen the hunger games for ages so im a bit behind.

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