Card Trick Tutorial – Free Choice

The trick that inspired me to want to learn magic




Be inspired to learn. Aspire to disturb.

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  1. I had a friend do this trick but he let you even push him the 3rd card. Does anyone have any idea how he did it?

  2. omfg when you said take out the jack of clubs i took out a random card and it was the jack of clubs wtf

  3. Another way you can do it is instead of just pressing them out in a row, spread them out in a circle (of sum sort) and I'll bet it makes it a lot more believable and less suspicious so u can do it a lot more.

  4. When I was practicing this trick I came up with my own way of doing I want to share.

    I didn't like the idea of saying "I'll look at the card now." so what I decided is tell them you can "influence them into picking any card you want them to" sort of like a weird telepathic trick or whatever. Then start with the cards facing you, so they see the back of them and say "I'm going to go through these point to X card." So they can literally point to any card at all, once they pick one you can ask them to change their mind, go back, go forward, whatever. Then you take out the card they pointed to and set it face down. Then ask them to pick the card they just picked going through the routine again. Then for the last selection what I do is split it into two (or three, doesn't matter, could also shuffle before this step as well but keep card on bottom. Shuffling helps them think you don't know where it is.) piles, throw the any without the bottom card away, then do it again, and again until you get down to only 3 cards. Then lay the cards out face down. Ask them to point to any card, lets say the key card is card 1, if they point to it, great, put that with the other two, if they point to another one say alright, good and throw it away. Then you have 2 cards. Ask them to point to either card, if they point to the right one say "your choice" add it to the other two, if they pick the other one, then just throw that one away two leaving only the one they didn't "choose" to throw away. I feel it helps it feel more authentic due to not looking at the cards in a very obvious manner and not fully selecting the last card on your own.

    Just my own take on it.

  5. I can't believe this, but when you said to pick the jack of clubs, I picked a random card and it was the jack of clubs!

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