Carrot Cake Pakoras | Nadiya's Family Favourites – BBC

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Watch the BBC first on iPlayer 👉 Nadiya Hussain shows us how to make her Carrot Cake Pakoras with a mouth watering Cream Cheese Dip, for her new series Nadiya’s Family Favoutires.

Watch Nadiya’s Family Favourites on the BBC:

Nadiya’s Family Favourites | Series 1 Episode 3 | BBC

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19 Replies to “Carrot Cake Pakoras | Nadiya's Family Favourites – BBC”

  1. If one hadn’t seen some of her other videos? One could easily assume this is a children’s show, and that she put on a 🥕 carrot looking hat for the occasion 😆🤦🏼‍♂️ DOh! Gotta wonder if that was intentional ha. She definitely wears other colours in other clips, so clearly this is a regular item in her wardrobe. Don’t get me wrong I like it, it’s just a confusing opening clip when she’s making carrot cake hahah!

  2. It looks yummy I'm going to try this definitely but can you eat without cream cheese.?

  3. I do this with bananas. A kind of banana bread pakora. But I never imagined carrot cake pakora's. It makes a lot of sense though. They are, essentially, donuts.

  4. No offence but this is so unhealthy….cream cheese is the hardest food to digest on planet earth. There is so many healthy dessert options that are missing no flavor at all. Ever heard of monk fruit sugar, move over stevia….tastes like sugar, it's natural, no aftertaste….zero calories. Why would anyone not want that?

  5. I really would like to know if the batter can be stored in a fridge for a couple of days or even frozen? Nadiya, you're my hero! 🙂

  6. Nadiya, you should be legally required to host all cooking vids. I could listen to you for hours! Best on the web!

  7. This would make an AWESOME Ramadan treat!!! I want to try these soon. I love Pakoras!!!

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