Celebrity 'Courtcore': how and why celebs dress up for trial

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written by Mina Le & Sophie Carter
Edited by Charlee Reiff


0:00 – intro
5:36 – innocence
10:29 – professionalism
16:11 – not giving a f*
24:22 – back to gwyneth
29:34 – conclusion

14 Replies to “Celebrity 'Courtcore': how and why celebs dress up for trial”

  1. Okay- not necessarily backing lie detector tests here but don’t they establish a base line for whomever they are testing given their current heart rate, etc? So that, even if they are nervous from the jump, they can track any spines going forward?

  2. If saying that she missed half a day of skiing got her to look better instead of worse, we're screwed

  3. My cousin was a disney employee and yeah, Disney employees basically dropped out of reality and into a trippy kind of purgatory.

  4. But I had assumed from the begining that we were headed towarda Anna Delvey

  5. With regards to the body language part you mention, Malcom Gladwell discusses this in his book Talking To Strangers in the chapters about the "Friends" Fallacy and the Amanda Knox case. Humans are actually really bad at the interpretation of others unless the person being interpreted is, in fact, in alignment with our expectations of body language. A lot of factors make that an unreliable data bank for analysis of people, including what that person's culture is, what yours is, if they are neurodivergent, naturally anxious, or generally quirky. Body language analysis is basically a pseudoscience and practically a guessing game that has about as much accuracy as a game of chance. It is heavily influenced by personal bias, as it is by our innate desire as humans to believe people are truthful, even when they are lying.

  6. I was fascinated with how Elizabeth Holmes dressed in her criminal trials compared to how she dressed during her business “heyday.” During her business, she emulated Steve Jobs, with minimalist, masculine black turtlenecks and simple androgynous pantsuits. No dresses, hair back, makeup that emphasized the intensity of her gaze and sharpness of her features. In her trial, she was dressed in pastels, dresses, soft silhouettes or feminine suits, with her hair down and curled and makeup minimal, dewy and gentle. Absolutely fascinating, particularly since it was such a departure from her intentionally “assertive boy genius” appearance of her business persona.

  7. i had to rewind the footage you showed of naomi campbell walking the runway…. her walk is too fucking mesmerizing

  8. I'd love to here you talk about stealth wealth/quiet luxury phenomenon

  9. i’ll sit thru mina’s ad bc she’s a queen and gets thru it swiftly! ????????????

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