Center – Day 0 – Welcome

Find your Center. Today is orientation day! Let’s call this Day 0. A clean slate. Are you ready? This is the day to get yourself oriented. Set yourself up for the next 30 days.
Soak in your intentions and prepare for this journey designed to support whole body mental health!

It’s also a chance to gather any props (nothing fancy, you can get creative!) and invite any friends or family to join you.

You are here for the LIVE rollout of this 30-Day Yoga Journey.

So please note that videos will upload at 12am CT (that’s midnight Texas time y’all)

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16 Replies to “Center – Day 0 – Welcome”

  1. Happy New Year! Thank you, Adriene and Team, for sharing this❤ I love starting out the year with the 30 day program!

  2. Dont let this year be a repeat of last year. Get up. Get moving. Let's do this! 🙂 Thank you Adriene!

  3. Just listened to the opening 🎶 and Adriene's greetings. I am excited to do a New Year's yoga journey with YWA. It's been a minute😉

  4. I choose to commit to the thirty day yoga journey because it’s fun and feels good 😄

  5. Hi, Like Beth I only found you 3 months ago and aged 63! Now realising I need to look after my mind and body better than before and after some serious health issues, Adriene, you are changing my life. My journey may be only just beginning but I hope and prey the journey will be a long one. I certainly know its already bearing fruit. Lets do this! x

  6. Happy New Year from MI!!! So Ready for the Strength and Joy these 30 Day Journeys bring!

  7. Happy new year everyone! This will be my 3rd year doing this 30 day challenge. Last couple months of 2022 were very busy and I took the whole month of December off of doing yoga. So I'm very excited to get back on track ☺️

  8. I am new. I had never heard of this channel until last week, and I have been doing yoga for over 20 years now. This seems like a great program. Thank you!

  9. Something is wrong with the email subscribe. Every time I put my information in it tells me to enter a valid email address. I only have the one. It is valid but your system will not take it

  10. Hello dear community! Happy New Year to all! 🎉 What a gift to start the year with our lovely Adriene yet another time 💕 Can’t wait 💪🏽 Sending you all much love and courage! We’ve got this! 😘

  11. Thank you Adriene! When the quarantine happened my friend group got scattered around the world, however, every single January we all do 30 days of Yoga together, no matter where anyone is. It is such a gift and a joy to start the year! You get in shape, remember to trust your feelings and to reunite with friends taking the same journey. Thank You!

  12. Happy New Year! Very excited to start this beautiful journey. Thank you Adrianne 🤍🌿

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