Chef Tries to Cook HILARIOUS 160-Year-Old Recipe!

The tables have been turned today as Ben is set the ULTIMATE CHALLENGE. With Jamie and Ben left alone in the studio, what better than to task them with another recipe from the 160+ year old cook book, Mrs Beeton’s Cookery and Household Management?!

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15 Replies to “Chef Tries to Cook HILARIOUS 160-Year-Old Recipe!”

  1. Why were people SO obsessed with absolutely RUINING spinach!? My mother, my grandmother and as far as I know their mother too (because they were using their recipes) all cook good spinach down bitter mush.

  2. I honestly like this style of format. There is a challenge, but doesn't feel like a timed challenge. During the mean time, it also feels like more of an educational video. I'd be happy to see more like this here and there

  3. I have a old recipe book ,a recipe for cooked icing says “ cook until it’s too hot to put your finger in….” So yeah

  4. Ann Reardon from Australia has does a baked good from hundreds of years ago. I love her latest cookbook because on each recipe she converts the measurements for us from the States so we don’t have to look it up.

  5. …Did I just spend 20 minutes learning how to make artificial testicles out of a duck?

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