Chefs Test and Compare BBQs at 4 Price Ranges

Chef Ben and the guys are let loose in the sunshine to review some great BBQs, with some amazing food thrown in for good measure!

ProQ Flat Dog –

Ninja Woodfire –

Masterbuilt 560 –

Weber Kamado E6 Summit –

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27 Replies to “Chefs Test and Compare BBQs at 4 Price Ranges”

  1. have you wrapped that in greese proof paper?????? you heathen!!! thats not a fan, that shows no clue at all

  2. I have never even heard of a disposable barbecue…… jesus christ, why does that exist

  3. Kush and Jamie having a bromance over BBQs. I about swooned at that brisket!

  4. I've just ordered a Ninja and can't wait to see what I can do with the smoker. I always wanted to get more adventurous with BBQs without spending lots of money on the bigger toys on the market.

  5. This made me think about the blowtorch video/short. Kushybear????. Kush has the biggest badass bbq of them all. Even outranking Jamie!

  6. Where can I find the extra grate you guys have on the weber kamado?

  7. What is a disposable barbeque? (Canadian here, I've never heard of these.)

  8. Not gonna lie, those wood pellets look like the cat litter I buy for the cat's litter tray ????

  9. I wish you guys could collab with guga, your inputs on his steaks would be much apreciated…

  10. I love you guys, I've been watching you from YEARS from France !
    But… (first)
    OH MY GOD THE ADVERTISING !!!!! Between you're live not free and an advert that made me search to finally skip 3"30 !! That's a LOT !
    A lot of guys do a lot of stuff with a lot less "pollution" in the video, advertising speaking. Why don't you do the same?
    To sum up, I like the videos and you're alchemy on it but WAAAAY tto much adverts ! ❤

  11. Should definitely have tested an actual bucket barbecue because those are a tenner

  12. Jamie is NOT a normal when it comes to meat. Moreso when the meat is on a BBQ

  13. I love how we went from silly jokes 10 years ago to the ultimate dad video about BBQs and still enjoy it! There truly is an entire group of humans that grew up with Sorted and enjoy the various stages of life we’ve gone through

  14. I’m a lazy f*** so I’m going for the Ninja Woodfire.

    Otherwise, it’s the Masterbuilt for me.

  15. Ben referring to Charcoal Briquettes as "Coal Thingies" definitely set the stage nicely for this video.

  16. Ninja can do larger grills done 4 set of ribs in half the time of a manual smoker, done large brisket and full chicken

  17. Bought my smaller Weber 10 years ago, great results every time. As Kush says, unlikely I will need to buy another.

  18. Question. Did the first BBQ flat pack back down? I’m thinking of getting it for the summer.

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