China Turns Out Mummified Bodies for Displays | The New York Times

New York Times Reporter David Barboza tours a Chinese factory that produces and preserves human cadavers for anatomical exhibitions.

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China Turns Out Mummified Bodies for Displays | The New York Times

30 Replies to “China Turns Out Mummified Bodies for Displays | The New York Times”

  1. Oh my God… I went to his exhibition in London in around 2000, so it went on for another 5 years ?? OMG…. No wonder…

  2. Most of the corpses supplied to Von Hagens’ Dalian Body plastination factories were Murdered Falun Gong practitioners — Visit my channel to find out…

  3. my question is that . .. if he die(The greman guy) will he be willing to donate his own body to his own company and show it in museums for display?

  4. @FerCasure Just like the ingredients for dangerous drugs, you make human donated bodies accessable and more or less affordable, you just get verified details from everyone who is involved and let everyone know that they will be under public scrutiny if they are suspected of anything untoward.

  5. @GraphiteGum FUCK YOU!! I had SURGERIES! HOW can I stop taking that asswipe??? FUCK DOCTORS!!! Live with the pain and shit I have and maybe you will understand the fucking word EMAPTHY! Why the hell should I thank BUTCHERERS that have ruined my health,happiness and what little biut of dignity I HAD?? Before you open your damned Pie hole, Consider others experiences.

  6. you know all you guys saying were better then china???not really. ALL countries have some degree of corruption. Besides most of our cool stuff comes from china!!

  7. @dannoofthedead NOBODY is going to look at my messed up anatomy. EVER!! for me it's cremation only. the damn MAYO won't leave me alone and treat me like a damn science rat. for those that give permission FINE. but I DO NOT. my body is messed up and needs destroying after death.Only THEN will my sould be free.

  8. @ericvyse I agree. nothing more then a discusting freak show. it's WRONG to treat a corpse with disrespect. alot of controversy if you go ang google bodies-the exhibit controversy.

  9. @GraphiteGum go ahead. I just want NO part of this!!! it's against MY beleifs. My body is so mutilated I want it destroyed when I die. NOT preserved!!! these fucking scientest that keep bothering me for use of my corpse can go to HELL!!! all medicine has ever done for me is ruin my life. Don't believe in medical doctors.

  10. @MuffinPowerz I prefere cremation myself. NOT to be posed in some damn freak show to show off what I am already ashamed of. Besides I HATE people staring.

  11. @videochemist lol you keep saying proof but unable to provide them and you say corruption in China is horrible. Corruption exists in every govt even in USA. It is just that americans are arrogant and turn a blind eye to it. Western nations always wants the East to be submissive like Japan. Now China in history has been a powerful civilization gained momentum. Where else would the western world bully? Your right, China

  12. @MuffinPowerz
    I believe so as well. I'm a body donor – but not for this. I'm going to " The Farm " in E. TN, where I'll probably get the Jimmy Hoffa treatment !

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