Circular Saw vs Track Saw #woodworking

What’s the difference between a circular saw and a track saw? Circular saw vs a track saw! I love having a track saw in the shop. It’s a tool I didn’t realize how much I would use until I got it. If you cut a lot of sheet goods like plywood or MDF, a track saw is a game changer for a wood shop. Track saws are fast to set up and extremely accurate. My top picks are the Milwaukee or the Festool cordless track saws. If you are on a budget, check out the Kreg track saw or Milescraft makes a circular saw guide that turns your circular saw into a track saw.

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9 Replies to “Circular Saw vs Track Saw #woodworking”

  1. Makita make guide adapters for all their circular saws. You can even do bevel cuts. Works with the Makita, Festool and Evolution tracks.

  2. Hey Matt ???? ???? I'm actually looking for a track saw lol. Its like you know what I'm looking for first with the orbital sander and now this. I'm really digging the Milescraft track saw 99$ good deal
    Thanks for the recommendation and thanks for sharing ???? ????

  3. The Milescraft setup is very nice! Main drawback vs the purpose built tracks is that, as Matt mentioned, you can only do 90 degree cuts.

  4. Informative video, but also raises a ton of questions… why does the guy with the Bible verse on his shirt have hanky-panky handcuffs on his tool peg board….? ???? ???? ????

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