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  1. the idea is excellent, but looks it failed cause the holes are too small for big chickens to eat from. maybe total 4 bigger holes will be much better. thanks.

  2. Great idea, but in my opinion pipes goes to close to the bottom in the bucket.

  3. For the price of 3" street elbows, I got purpose made ones with screw fittings. But the chickens STILL make a ring of food everywhere. They come with plugs though, so toward the end of the day I plug the holes and let them clean up. Still more waste than I'd like, but a lot less than the hanging feeders.

  4. This might sound silly to someone with experience with tools but it would be nice to see you cutting the PVC with the jigsaw at least once! I feel okay just going for it but I appreciate seeing how people do things, because it's all brand new to me! I really liked how you explained where to cut them and why, so I could visualize what I needed to do. Thank you for posting this!

  5. Shit brother here in Kentucky you'll still pay more at lowes even with 10% off, but I love the chicken feeder. My 1 and 3 week old chicks are wasting a damn ton of feed

  6. I use a 45 degree STREET pvc fittings with coupling on the outside. No cutting of the fittings just drill a 3" hole an glue the in.

  7. Great video. My design is a bit different but with same principle. If you leave these buckets out in the elements, I believe squirrels and other animals may get into a feast. None of the videos I’ve watched address this potential issue. I’m about to build mine at 3” and I also purchased 3” pvc cap to cover the holes at night. 3” irrigation caps do not fit 3” irrigation pipes, you have to buy the pvc cap that are more expensive.

  8. yeah I live down here in Florida and I got a chicken pens that are not like that I saw the skids on yours and the background when I was looking at your video and it just gave me that idea that reinforced that be able to move around the yard it's easier and they can clear out somewhere and I can tell you if chicken's can just you don't even need a tiller

  9. look like to me you can move your chicken pens around look you got skids on them

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