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One of three main types of pool filters, Diatomaceous Earth (D.E.) filters are known for their superior filtering abilities. D.E. filters keep your pool clean and clear by sifting out dirt, debris, and even microscopic particles. But sometimes, even the cleaners need to be cleaned!

You should clean your D.E. filter at least twice a year, or whenever the pressure gauge reads 8–10 psi above the normal range. There are three main steps for cleaning a D.E. filter:

1️⃣ Backwash the filter — Flush out the filter by backwashing until the water runs clear.
2️⃣ Clean the grids and manifold — Disassemble the manifold and grids, and spray off the grids with a garden hose. Then, with the drain plug open, rinse out the inside of the filter tank.
3️⃣ Add new Diatomaceous Earth — Always wear gloves and a chemical mask when handling D.E. powder. Refer to the D.E. package to determine how many scoops you need for your pool, based on the water volume. Mix the required amount of fresh D.E. into a bucket of pool water, then pour the slurry directly into the pool’s skimmer.

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0:00 Introduction
0:29 Essential Parts of a D.E. Filter
1:34 When to Clean a D.E. Filter
1:44 Three Steps to Cleaning a D.E. Filter
1:53 Backwashing
2:22 Cleaning Manifold and Grids
3:04 Adding New D.E.
4:39 Summary

10 Replies to “Cleaning a D.E. Filter | Leslie's”

  1. I rarely take the top manifold filters apart since you need an engineering degree to reassemble it. In fact, I no longer pull them out of the filter tank unless I need too since it can be pretty heavy and damaging to a person's back. I just hose it off with a high pressure nozzle while it sits in the tank, then I put the lid back on and backwash any excess dirt & D.E. off. This get's the filter 90-95% clean and saves a ton time and hassle. Every 6 months is a more normal cleaning schedule…

  2. @agthorn I think they meant "backwashing" once a month, not this process. We have this done once a year

  3. If you don't want to disassemble the plumbed fittings on the drain of the filter, you can use a ShopVac to suction all silt, pebbles, water from bottom of filter. Be sure to thoroughly clean all O-rings as well as surfaces surrounding O-rings. Use a lot of water and a clean rag to remove all silt from O-ring areas. Ensure all O-rings are in good shape, not torn, and add plenty of petroleum jelly to all O-rings. My 1st time to clean DE filter took one hour. Thanks Leslies!!!!!

  4. Very good tutorial – thank you Leslies! Dismantling the manifold and cartridge assembly is easy, but reassembly is tougher. Take notice how cartridges fit into the top & bottom assembly. Easiest for me was to put the tops of cartridges back into place first, allowing the top assembly piece to "guide" the exact placement of the cartridges. My assembly has a plastic nipple with a screen on top for the release valve – BE CAREFUL not to break it. Use 2×4's under workspace…

  5. Dismantling the manifold and reassembling it is no small task …. I can't imagine doing this monthly. I have to assume that hosing down the filter assembly without dismantling the entire manifold could simplify this process, reducing the full dismantling to once or twice a year …. thoughts?

  6. @cliffcox66 When you breathe it in it can be unsafe, especially to young kids

  7. @HeWhoRunsWScissors Yes DE is very dangerous to us overtime. There are many safe alternatives to DE, such as the end of this video showed. I work in a pool store and our alternative we sell is called The Filter Fiber Stuff by a company called Jack's Magic. It is used the same way as DE, just safer (:

  8. this video is great but they dint show how difficult it is to return the top cover or the filter tank lid. Let me tell you. Dont Do this all by your self. everything they say here is easy except returning the lid. I cried the first time is did it. it took 2 person just fitting the lid back to is position not to mention pushing it down. Dont to this if your not ready.

  9. Information about how often to clean filter is wrong. For starters, it will vary depending on the geographical location of the pool. For a typical pool, every 6 months is ample, and once a year is usually sufficient. Once a month, as the video states, is unnecessary.

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