Coffee Cups UPDATE: Are Starbucks and Tim Hortons recycling? (CBC Marketplace)

We’ve gone dumpster diving again, and found more questions about what the coffee chains are actually doing with all those used containers.
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15 Replies to “Coffee Cups UPDATE: Are Starbucks and Tim Hortons recycling? (CBC Marketplace)”

  1. Little has changed 🙁

    I emailed Starbucks the following message: "Hey Starbucks, with all these drinks in plastic cups you’re selling, how’re you encouraging customers to recycle them? If you’re offering recycling bins, who’s cleaning them out before they go to the recycler? Any plastic material with food residues on or in it CANNOT be recycled, so who does it?"

    Their response: "we are decreasing the waste associated with our business, increasing recycling and promoting reusability. Please know that each year, an estimated 600 billion paper and plastic cups are distributed globally*, and though Starbucks cups only account for an estimated 1 percent of that total, we are invested in finding a more sustainable solution."

    Then they go on with a default answer about how they got rid of double cupping in the 90s, and phased out straws… blah blah blah.

    ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. When are we going to hold these billion dollar corporations responsible?! They've been built on terrible ethics and irresponsible business practices, and will never change unless we boycott them or government regulations force them to change.

  2. The bigger question is why accept coffee when its not in a coffee mug or coffee thermos container. Think its also people that should not accept or buying to these places but yet here we are cause its cheap and affordable, “convenient so to say”… i feel guilty now using a coffee cup. Man!!!
    I believe it has to start from us, in our mind to not accept coffee when they are not able to refill my container or put in a mug. Also, lifestyle is one of the key. Dont be too hasty with your time and your life. Either slow down and see if i can drink this coffee and not a to-go-plastic-paper cup. We cant help if we ourselves are doing it. Just a reflection and speaking out loud. Im not perfect

  3. Save up your cups for a few months, see how sick ya feel after you realize how much you as an individual use, and waste on coffee shop coffee…

  4. That sales rep, it was his last working day.. so spilled the 'beans' ….. 🤣🤣🤣 plausible story

  5. Most of this corporations advertising bulshits just to get more profit. They create problem and then offer solution which will make for them ever more money. Get 0.25 off if you use your own cup which they forces you to buy for around 20£/€/$ and real cost of that cup is around 2£/€/$… Starbucks has really great approach with no comment and kicking you out. Cost of one coffee cost around 0.40£/€/$ including their minimum wages they pay to their workers. With that amount of drinks they do in each store every day they make bunch of profit so I don't understand why they don't recycling they rubbish what they created. It's easy to make money but they shoud also take care of waste they produce with all packaging from food cups etc

  6. Why they do not put all cups into each other an then to bags.completly waste of money..whole truck for 400lbs

  7. People focus too much on recycle. I would remind people out there the program is actually 3Rs. And recycling is the final resort. More should be promoted to reduce and reuse. Because that is something the people can control. So perhaps be less hypocritical and do what you should to reduce paper cups. Now im not saying eliminate the cups or that what the companies are doing is right. Not even close. But when you see soooooo many paper cups and so many people taking about recycle, obviously, they themselves haven't put in the effort to help either. Again … too much focus on recycle, too little emphasis on the 1st 2 Rs.

  8. Trust me bottom line corporations will not recycle, these giants care NOTHING about the planet, just bottom line profits, just like the Canadian government.

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