Coffee Muffins|Apron

Ingredients are here : ^^
Coffee Muffins|Apron

Whole egg 2
Brown sugar 65g|1/3cup
Hot milk 85ml
Instant coffee 5g|1Tbsp
Melted butter 85g|7Tbsp
Cake flour 210g|1,1/2cup
Baking powder 6g|2tsp
Salt 2.5g|1/2tsp
Chocolate chips 100g|2/3cup
Brown sugar as needed

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29 Replies to “Coffee Muffins|Apron”

  1. ザクザクで美味しそう‥‥????食べたい!!

  2. Muffins with coffee flavour…absolutely taste good..Im wanna try it…only thing I will reduce amt of chocolate chips and no added brown sugar for the topping..

  3. 모카머핀 진짜 좋아해요.이번에도 만들어먹었어요~머핀이 너무 예쁘게 구워졌네요❤

  4. Delicioso..con café con leche.. exquisito…???????????????????????????????????????????????? Como siempre sorprendes con tus recetas.. saludos..desde Chile..

  5. Рецепт Супер!!! Спасибо!!!????????????????????❤

  6. Very nice recipe! Can I replace the flour with oat? If so, how can I adjust the amount of liquid in this recipe ? Thank you very much ❤️

  7. Wow really amazing looks tooo yummy so soft fullffy and spoungy muffins

  8. VERY NICE video ???????????????????? Amazing part is the muffins in the oven???????????? sooooo much thanks????????????????????????????????

  9. 와우 ❤ 모카 머핀케이크네요 커피향이 그윽하니 너무 맛있겠어요 크림화 작업없이 녹인버터로 만드니 만들기도 쉽겠어요~~^^❤ 좋은 레시피 감사해요~~^^

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