Collecting Marigold Seed

Collecting and saving marigold seeds is easy and fun. Marigolds are one of the easiest of all flowering annual plants to save the seed from and they grow readily from fresh collected seeds. Collecting marigold seed from existing marigold plants is truly rewarding and saves you money that otherwise would be spent on new seedling punnets next season

14 Replies to “Collecting Marigold Seed”

  1. My Marigold flowers have not grow flowers yet and it has been longer then 45 days

  2. Hi..i collected some marigold seeds..i noticed they were bendable is that ok..or do the seeds have to be hard and sturdy?thank you

  3. Wow.. Thenerdygardener sounds just like something I would name an account

  4. Everyone says to put seeds in a paper bag but I put them in envelopes (the smaller, letter envelope), mark it, then put them in the fridge which is a nice cool, dark and dry place. By the end of fall I have a whole shelf of envelopes! LOL!

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